End User Agreement

Those accessing the GTD for individual or government use will need to agree to our End User Agreement. Commercial clients who access the GTD through our exclusive commercial distribution partner CHC Global and the GTI Platform will need to agree to their terms and conditions of use.

End User Agreement

Those who download the data files for personal research purposes, or who are specific government users, can do so at no cost but do so in accordance with an End User Agreement with CHC Global. We ask these users to read the user agreement carefully, as there are specific limitations on the use of the GTD.  The intent of these restrictions is not only to ensure that the intellectual property in the GTD is appropriately protected, but also to ensure that the data is only used for the purposes of better understanding and defeating terrorism. The main restrictions on the use of the GTD are:

  • Users agree not to publicly post or display the data, the codebook or related materials.
  • Users agree not to sell, license, sub-license or otherwise distribute the data, codebook or related materials.
  • All information must be acknowledged and cited appropriately, including any modifications users make to the GTD for published analysis.
  • Users agree not to use the data, the codebook or related materials for commercial purposes, unless they purchase a separate commercial use license.

Most importantly, it is vital that the GTD is only used for the purpose of better understanding or defeating terrorism. In order to access the GTD, we require all users to supply a name and email address and to agree to the terms of the license.

We would please ask all users to inform the GTD if they become aware of any users breaching the terms of the license.

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